Kookateki Says Farewell to Mrs MacManus

  • 7th July 2015
  • Jonathan presents Mrs MacManus with a photo collage

This summer saw the end of an era with the retirement of Holy Family school principal Mrs MacManus.
Mrs MacManus has been a constant source of support to Kookateki and in the development of the judo club.
Thank you Mrs MacManus!

For many years you’ve taught your charges,
the small, the medium and the larges.
You’ve watched your pupils come and go
and through your school you’ve watched them grow.
Every now and then you’ll meet
past pupils walking down the street.
Those pupils all remember well
their education and they’ll tell
you how your teaching enriched their life
to cope with careers, trouble and strife.
Now you retire to have some fun –
Safe in the knowledge of a job well done!