Olympic Champion Visits Northern Ireland

  • 25th May 2015
  • Harry Gribbin and Marc Alexandre

Kookateki Judo club assistant coach Harry travelled from Belfast to the new Foyle Arena in Derry/Londonderry on Sunday 24th May to meet French Olympian Marc Alexandre.

Marc won bronze in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles….he then topped that by becoming the Olympic Champion at the 1988 games in Seoul!

The event hosted by Dog Leap Judo Club who are based in Limavady was opened up to all clubs and players across the island of Ireland. Everyone was invited to come and join in with a world class judoka.

Marc brought eight members of his club and his lifelong coach.  He demonstrated kumi kata, transitions and newaza. Then everyone had the opportunity to take part in randori with the French team.

Harry said “This was an opportunity of a lifetime!  I learnt a lot and it will be great to show club members techniques from an elite judoka”.