Kookateki and Colin Savage Team up for Judo Masterclass

  • 9th March 2015
  • Colin Savage

Coaches and club players from across Northern Ireland were inspired at a recent Masterclass taken by Colin Savage, 6th Dan, ex British Champion and Commonwealth Gold Medalist. Colin who has recently returned to Northern Ireland after coaching at the Budokwai and in France and Qatar, took the British Judo Association revalidation event at Kookateki Judo Club in Belfast.
The Masterclass developed in partnership by Colin and Kookateki gave coaches and players an opportunity to develop their skills and techniques. The day was packed with intense judo training testing the concentration levels of everyone involved. Events like this can only help to improve the standard of judo throughout Northern Ireland.
Kookateki Senior Club Coach Jonathan Cooke said: “It was great to have someone with Colin’s pedigree come and demonstrate his skill at the club. Hopefully everyone will have taken on board his advice and their judo will improve as a result.”
Colin Savage said: “It is good to return to North Belfast and coach judo after spending so long away from my local area. I grew up close to the venue and it is great to see a judo club thriving and bringing all sections of the community together.”

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