Judo Kata at Kookateki

  • 9th March 2015
  • Martin Savage

Saturday 7 March saw Kookateki and British Kata champion Martin Savage team up for an introduction to Kata session.

During the day coaches and players were taken through Katame-no-Kata, Nage-no-Kata and Kododan Goshin Jutsu.

The session was suitable for anyone wishing to have an introduction to Kata before taking part in a full Kata seminar.  Martin intends to run a seminar in the near future for those wishing to fulfil the requirements for their next grade as well as those coaches/players who are already competent in Kata and now want to gain experience in how best to coach it.

Jonathan Cooke senior club coach said “Kookateki aims to bring all aspects of judo to the club; this was a great opportunity for our new members to see another part of judo which they had not had the chance to experience before.  It was great having a champion such as Martin down at the club to share his Kata knowledge”.

Martin has been eight times British Champion in Kododan Goshin Jutsu, represented GB in three world championships and has won 17 British Kata Championship trophies in his long career.

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